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Just bought a 1987 GL wagon

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This forum is a huge source of information! Do some searching for the info you want. You might have to use google with your search word then “site:www.ultimatesubaru.org” to restrict the search to this forum ;) 



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From your info it looks like you know what you’re doing. 

You do what you want but I offer to you that you just flip it to an enthusiast, or appreciate the vehicle for what it was upon its manufacture. 

Enjoy it ! 

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you would be lucky to find used stock parts

your best bet if you plan on keeping it on the road for any langth of time is to pick up a few extra parts cars you need your own junk yard or sell it to someone who already has a junk yards worth of parts and help save someone elses baby

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On 6/4/2022 at 8:47 PM, sleepercoupe said:

Just bought a low mileage wagon! 

Same here (except for the low mileage).  :)  I bought an 87 DL wagon with 240,000 miles a few months back and just last night test ran it for a few moments after repairing a bad head gasket and other neglected engine items. Now I'm installing the radiator so I can safely run it longer and also doing lots of cleanup work along the way. I hoped a one-owner car might have received proper maintenance from the seemingly proud owner but I was mistaken. Either he or his mechanic performed a lot of questionable repairs. Don't know if it was lack of funds or simply didn't care to do it right.

I've had to use 4-5 vendors including eBay to find parts and you really have to check them closely when you get them. I got a matching set of rear wheel cylinders last week and luckily removed the dust covers to check them out before I installed them and found the bores where two different sizes! 

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