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92 Subaru Loyale 4WD cladding disaster

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Hello everyone, I have something simple I need help with. I rubbed a fence on the passenger side ripping off the passenger rear quarter cladding and I’m not sure how to put in back on. The clips are still intact but the trim has come off completely. What do I do, someone help me! My car went from vintage to shot box in a matter of seconds. Thank you everyone, enjoy the rest of your day!

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Get in behind the panel and Unclip the plastic clips from inside the car. You will need to remove internal panels for this to happen. 

Fit clips to the trim piece then push them into the holes in the body work. 



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those clips are extremely hard to find i gave mine up years ago to help someone else fix there trim 

the good news is some one 3d printed them so if you can find that file or the member here who printed them you might be in luck

if that dosent pan out i am using e6000 adhesive to hold the spoiler on on my impreza cause the bolts rusted through it should be strong enuff to hold your trim on or find some comercial body adhesive

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