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82 sub Engine to swap or not to swap?

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Ok I have an 82 sub GL with an EA81 5sp that was in an accident involving an embankment and a tree stump so it banged up the front left end, took out the radiator and the oil pump and the left cv joint. The stump hit in front left and sorta right under the engine mounts and that caused the engine to ride up and back a little into its new position. Everything else looks pretty good except that with the engine being pushed back the tranny followed, moving the gear shift system towards the back of the car ripping off the rubber cusion, etc. The question is, is it worth it to take out the engine and replace the engine mounts so it rides in the correct spot and replace the radiator, op, cvj, and everything else and try to tune it back. OR to get something else with a more intact front end and swap the engine? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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If it's anything but a Brat (and probably even then) they are nearly worthless even when in excelent condition. I would say it's not worth your time. My friend just bought a running driving 83 wagon for example for $200. A stock wagon would be highly unlikely to bring more than $1000 even in near mint condition - they are at the bottom of their value. Buy something else, and use that one for parts - especially since it's 2WD. That makes it worth even less than nothing.



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