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EA81 - mounting boss broken off of cylinder head - two heads are identical?

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I apologize in advance for asking dumb questions.  I disassembled two of these engines, then sent them off to a shop for machining, and now half of the components are missing.  I'm working with what I have.  

I was about to install the heads on the shortblock just now when I noticed that one of the mounting bosses is broken off.   See picture.

I also noticed that both heads are identical... so the bosses will face the front of engine on the left side (cylinder 1) and the back of the engine on the right side (cylinder 4).  

Does anyone know what mounts to these bosses?  I'm looking at pics on the Internet, and none show the engine installed. 

I'm struggling to guess what is installed on these bosses on the REAR of the engine facing the transmission.  I don't see any motor mounts in this basket case... so I'm assuming the engine was hanging on to the transmission through the adapter plate, and I have a "motor mount-ish support crossmember" under the front of the engine (spanning from left to right under the front pulley) in my VW bus (its a bar that spans between between the taillights)

Thanks in advance!


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Those mounts on the back of the heads would hold the brackets for the ASV's.

The ASV system would take some of the exhaust directly from the exhaust-manifolds right as it exited the LH and RH head, send it through the ASV apparatuses, (attached at those bracket locations), and then be plumbed back into the carburetor.

The ASV's only purpose was to try and reduce emissions. They are not necessary in States that no longer test for emissions, like us here in WA.

I deleted my ASV's on my '85 Brat with its EA81 Engine. I simply had to weld close the then open openings to the ASV's on the exhaust manifold, and plug the receptacles with rubber plugs at the stock Hitachi Carburetor.

I also hear you can use a quarter to seal the opening on the exhaust when the ASV pipes are removed.

If the bosses faced forwards they would hold the tensioners for the optional air conditioning and power steering units.

You mention this engine being in a VW? Either way the motor mounts that are beneath the block, between the oil pan and the heads, are built to withstand the engine's movement and torque, not those ASV / accesory mounts.

You may have custom motor mounts that connect to the bottom of the block?


Also, the heads are not identical. The RH head will have the port on the top/rear for the EGR connection to the intake manifold.

Best of luck

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fit that head with broken boss on the left #2 and #4 as they will then go to the rear. Only for mounting PS pump bracket and maybe Earth cable


Our later EA81 used a cast iron unit that bolted to exhaust port. This went between head and exhaust pipe flange and contained the hole for EGR

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