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Oil pump detent

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Hey guys. I have my EA82 out right now so I can clean it up and re seal it. I'm working on cleaning the oil pump right now and noticed the detent is missing where the filter threads on. Is there a way to fix this or is it junk now? I have another oil pump luckily, but if I can salvage this one that would be cool.

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What do you mean missing?  Is the threaded portion sheared off flush or part way? Or is the entire gasket seating rim surface also damaged?

Get high mileage filters and RTV the filter on with The Right stuff would be the easy method. but then you have oil filter changes to contend with. High quality oil filters can be changed every other oil change but that’s unthinkable for most.

Im not sure if there’s room insitu but I’d see if the EJ and EZ “oil coolers” could be used as adapter. the cooler would have a new oil filter receiver on the other side to screw on to. Tap the ID of the EA housing to the pitch of the cooler hold down bolt. Bolt it in place and you’ve got a new oil filter mating surface on the opposite side. No need to use the cooling fittings.  You’d need a hold down bolt next to it to compare. I don’t have any handy or I’d take a picture next to an EA pump I just looked at. 

This won’t be ideal if the engine has warn and problematic oil delivery throughout the engine since it may reduce flow characteristics. If you have a questionable engine compare the oil flow rate from a Forster to the EA82. 

They’re found on 01-04 H6s, early 2000s foresters and other models. 

There may even be aftermarket “oil filter adapters” or something that would do something similar. 

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It's the ball under the filter. There's a spring under where the ball is supposed to be. I pulled the filter off and the spring was just hanging out. No idea what happened to the ball. I'll see if I can post a pic, most of the time I can't though.

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I found that had happened on a Nissan engine I was rebuilding and I was able to get one from the dealer. I don’t know if Subaru is the same but the whole piece is replaceable on the Nissan, the ball and spring is all in a cylinder that comes out. If it is, I think it could have been used in the EJ’s as well.

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Ball size is listed as 7.9375

old part number - 8060 07010

Bypass valve. Does show a complete assy in the drawing but I don’t see an assy listed to buy from the catalog. 

the ball also shows as 2 required but my eyes can’t see there the second one goes. 

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Pack of four balls genuine Subaru on ebay. But they are one number off. That may be a superseded part number. 
Worth investigating. 

P/N 806007020 

Seller in PA has a lot of genuine Subaru stock. “double_e_warehouse”

In case the dealer can’t help. 

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