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For those considering a 4WD wagon fuel tank renovation

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Just shipped the fuel tank from my 1979 4WD wagon to Moyer in PA for their patented RENU process. 

For those in the future wishing to do the same my tank shipped wrapped in cardboard - not a proper rectangular box but wrapped and well taped. Overall dimensions were right around 34” x 24” x 8” and weighed 27/28lbs. FedEx handled this one after my boycotting them for a few years. Their charge to me was $56.34 today 10/18/2022 from Stratford CT to Greensburg PA

Will add a review when it returns whichshould be in only 2-3 weeks they told me.

Moyer - http://www.gas-tank.com


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Got the tank back last week and it’s a bit more weighted now with this coating. Looks sturdy and bulletproof. They leave a black coating externally which I’m just going to leave alone. 

One of these days I’ll get around to posting pics. 

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Pics and little write up in the FB group. 

Link works if you’re signed in. Not sure otherwise. 


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