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Overheating --- Coolant temperature sensor?

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92 Loyale, with 202K miles


It's overheating at high speeds, about 60mph. Slowly. I finally figured out what the problem is, the auxillary electric fan is not working. Why is that?


Coolant temp. sensor?


Fan broken down?


Electric connection?

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If it's overheating at speed, your rad probably needs to be replaced. The fan only comes into play at low speeds or when the car is stopped. (Think about it: when the car is moving at speed, lots of air gets pushed through the rad; the fan wouldn't improve the air flow much at all.)


If your car overheats when it's stopped and the engine is idling, check the electric fan. If it's not running, you probably have a bad electrical connection to the temperature sensor (switch). You could also have a bad fan fuse or a bad fan relay (not very likely).


Remember that there are two temperature sensors. One acts like a switch to engage the fan relay, and the other operates the temperature gauge.

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