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2001 Outback Wagon Sway bar links

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Hi, my mechanic told me today the clunking noises I've been hearing are the sway bar links going bad. Are there any after market ones that perform a little better while not adding any Ill effects? I've use poly ones in my Grand Cherokee a few years ago and wanted to shoot my self afterwards. They really squeaked in the winter months alot. I really don't want to change the ride much or have to deal with different alignment effects etc.. just maybe something that tightens up the handeling a bit more. I also dont want to replace the whole bars just the links. Thanks, John

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aftermarket alloy links will be noisy...

and likely create 'interesting' handling

(snap over or understeer as they are sooo stiff....)


Noltec makes endlinks for your car,

but based on your post, i dont think those are what you'd want.


seems to me you are best off getting new OE replacments...

OE endlinks are good, but yes, they can be a wear item.

They allow the sway bar to sway, thus eliminate harsh movements.


up to you but here... is the link anyway :)

Noltec Alloy endlinks here <---




hope this helps.


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I put Hairpin Racing endlinks on my 97 OB. I don't know if these fit your generation vehicle or not. The look of the ones posted by SubieGal appear to be very similar, but I don't know if they are the same.


Mine have been absolutely silent. They use a ball socket, not a bushing. No squeaks out of them. I replaced the sway bar at the same time, but it initially was on the same 'setting' as the OEM bar. There was very little difference noted, just a hint better turn in. With the sway bar set to a stiffer setting now, it has reduced roll nicely.


Check that your sway bar isn't shifting side to side. Look for polished marks to the sides of the bushings which hold the sway bar. The Hairpin site talks of this, and what you can do. This 'shifting' of the sway bar can cause noise as well.



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Hi, Thanks for the replies. I'll look into the Hairpin ones, but most likely go with OE as per the posts here. Thanks again.

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