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o-ring size

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so anyone know what size the o-ring is on that pipe that runs into the side of the waterpump


friday the 13th yesterday visited me fairly hard

dodge caravan turbo dropped the pickup sensor in the disty

i think i maybe about to loose a head gasket on the subaru

found out my o-ring is leaking on the water pump

and more general fun stuff


i need to get the o-ring before work tonight so i can put it on go to work

then go to pdx u-pullit wait until they open up go locate the dodge parts i need and then come home and put them on..

so the sooner somone can answer the better for me :)


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My neighbor has a dead late 80s caravan sitting around with only a few parts taken for the other van he has.. If you want I will talk to him when he gets off work.. He is just gonna call the hulk hauler anyway.




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