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important ? for the offroaders

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i've got a 96 legacy LS (i know it's not old style) and i figured that you guys would be able to help me better than the new gen guys. i'm getting new tires in october and am seriously thinking about a larger size.


for those of you who have put larger sizes on your cars for offroading:


does the car handle different at highway speeds?

do the tires wear different (faster/uneavenly)?

can it be aligned with larger tires on it?

do any mods have to be done in order to have the car safely spin the larger tires?

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Bigger tires shouldn't really affect your ride that much.


The biggest difference will be


low end power, bigger tires require more torque to turn.


and your center of gravity. Taller car = taller center of gravity.


Your car probably won't be able to glide through the twisties like it can, and it might be a little louder depending on the tires you run.


Oh I picked up a set of 215-75-r15 from a JY. Looks like they won't fit w/o major body work and banging. Getting a set of Outback struts would give you more clearance. You would probably also need a lift kit to make it work right.

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As stated above the negative impact will be minimal. You will be grinning too hard offroading with new tires to worry about how it handels on the hiway :)


Rage that Legacy! I saw the tires you were looking at straping on and they will be FUN :brow:

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Your tranny may not like having larger tires:rolleyes:


If you need clearance tires will give it to you.

If you need hill climbing ability they will hurt you.

Larger tires will increase your unsprung weight and test your shock/suspension more.


Kinda got to assess your needs to make that decision????

I went with 26" tires on the Buggy to keep my gears for climbing.



82 SubaruHummer

01 Forester

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