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Brumby cracked torsion bar crossmember

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I'd like to know if anyone else has had the problem of the torsion bar crossmember cracking where the rear ground clearance adjustment bolt is located.

I was getting a lot of noise from the rear of my '89 Brumby but the handling was still great. I finally tracked it down to the adjustment bolt. The adjustment bolt had punched through the metal so I can now see the bottom of the bolt. It looks like the metal was double plated under the bolt but metal fatigue has given way. Is this a common problem with age?

I have done 240,00kms (150.000 miles), shifted house a couple of times, occasionally use a trailer and mainly use it on country roads but not much dirt and rarely 4WD off road.

I intend to get a second-hand crossmember and weld a plate on the outside under the bolt to strengthen it and then swap it over.

It was only after seeing the damage that I realised the rear ride height had been slowly dropping. Maybe that is why it handles so good.

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