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My UFO is leaking (fuel line question)

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My UFO (unidentified fuel-line object) is leaking in my 89GL. Searching the depths of knowledge on this site tells me that its probably one of three rusty ravioli-sized fuel pressure dampers, this one being forward of the fuel pump on the rhs. General consensus is to chop it out and connect the gap with new hose.


I'm a firsty at repairing fuel leaks icon9.gif. At first glance, all the fittings down there look rusty. What else do I need besides 3/8" I.D. hose? Nylon couplers vs. copper tubing, hose clamps? My fuel filter has smooth metal fittings with flared ends to retain the hose clamp so this is probably best. I tried NAPA but all I found specific to fuel was hose. Where to buy this stuff? Clamps to pinch off the lines? I have SPFI so its higher pressure than carb'd.


Some folks say to disconnect the electrical from the fuel pump and crank to drop the pressure in the lines.



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Id atleast try to replace the part. Could get one for free from a junkyard that lets you pull your own parts. Something that small they wont even care about or have listed for a price.


Youll want to use good hose clamps. I like the OEM ones you find under the hood on the fuel lines. Nice stainless steel solid clamps. Any new clamp will do however but use a screw tight clamp. No wussy spring clamps. That pump puts out real PSI :)


I used a large bolt to plug the lines. One slightly larger than the ID of the tube. Just pulled it off my pump, quickly shoved and screwed in the bolt. It will actually thread lightly into the rubber and hold tight. Have a nice wide pan to catch the fuel you spill !_!


Be sure to use EFI rated fuel line. Dont want it ruptureing at a clamp or fitting. HOpe this helps a little.


Good luck with the repair

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icon14.gif back on the road again and not spreading fuel, thanks morgan


there was a pinhole leak in the damper so I replaced it (oem $40 thx to subaruparts.com, too bad the jy isn't closer) instead of using a straight pipe, in retrospect now I won't worry about pressure spikes from the pump punching holes in the hard lines. too bad the damper wasn't stainless like the oem clamps, they are in perfect condition. nitrile gloves were a must since the leaking fuel turned the undercoat into tar mush.


the fuel pump itself looks pretty rusty, so its going to be replaced, thanks to whoever posted the source ($98 + 45 core at autopartsgiant.com)


it didn't leak as much as I expected, I clamped the fat inlet hose to the fp after cranking it w/o the fp electrical plug, clumsy me broke 2 of the 3 ten mm bolts that secure the fp plate to the underbody. so i'm back to running with a c-clamp for now, anyone recommend a good rust dissolver? I have heard of Kroil...time for a trip to Napa


thx again, 89Ru

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