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280ZX hood vents

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Who put these on their subaru? I might have found a set, and would like to see how they looked and see how you put them on.

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I think McBrat had a set of these fellas on the original Mountain Grizzly wagon (until a deer decided to claim the frontend) :rolleyes:


- Erik - Tacoma, WA -

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if anybody wants a set, I have 3 sets, including the ones from mtn grizz.


best way to mount them, it to cut out a pattern in cardboard first showing the outline of them, and the holes you will need to cut. the air openings are different on each side. I used a sawzall and dremel to cut the holes.


they come with mounting bolts, but they are just held into the plastic, and tend to come out, so the ones that came out on mine, I just drilled the hole all the way through the mount point, and used a stove bolt to attach it.


in stock form they sit down in the datsun hood, so I bought some universal weather strip from jcwhitney that looked like a circle set on top of a flat section. the flat section had tape on it, and after cleaning the vents, attached nicely to the outer lip of the vent. so when you tighten it down, it compresses the circle, and fills the gap between the hood and the vent, and makes it look pretty nice. I placed the seam on the center of the winshield side of the vent.


I haven't decided yet what to do with my 82 Brat. either put in the vents from mtngrizz, or put on a scoop I have...

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