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mysterious click-click-click______90 Loyale

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I own a 1990 Loyale Wagon, I replaced the front axle when I bought it two years ago because the front cv boots were both torn. Two years later I live in the big city where potholes and dips (instead of speed bumps) are everywhere. My driver's side cv becomes cracked again, and I replace it before it tears. Notice small cracks on the passenger side but let it go for a while as I'm low on cash and it can get alot worse before it needs replacing. Runs great, but got new tires a couple days ago, and now have a small click click click sound coming from the front passenger side. It's not constant, it's not on sharp turns (rules out the cv boot right?), but rather on straight stretches. It only comes at slower speeds (0-15 or 20mph), goes away when I step on the brakes but comes right back when I take my foot off the brake pedal. I heard a good test to see if the bearing is shot is to spin the tire when the car is up on a lift, if you hear a grinding noise as you rotate the tire the bearing is bad. Did this when I brought it back to the tire place but heard nothing. The tire place inspected it (I was hoping that maybe they had bent some harmless piece of metal on the undercarraige and now it was hitting the rim or something). Brought the car to an alignment place, where the mechanic inspected it and assured me that while the bearing may not be in brand new condition it wasn't that cause for the click. So what is it? Here's a puzzler for all of you.


Help! Steven

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it sounds like your break pad is rattling. there are little clips that hold them in place. if you lost one or two, they will rattle. i don't think it is at all dangerous, just annoying.

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