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Questions about ea82t cooling.

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Just a touch of back ground info.

We got an 86 gl-10 wagon 4 years ago.

During the summer after we got it, it started showing signs of running hot. Tried lots of things (some helped) to control the heat problem. Ran across this board and got lots of ideas and help here. Even read all of Paparoos posts on the cooling characteristics of the ea82(t). Got a two row radiator 2 years ago after the motor overheated on the highway to the point of the case bolts stripping out the threads.

Got a used jap low mileage motor and put it in.


Took the advise of someone else on the board and got a cooling reserve tank from a different car (pressurized with a cap) plumbed it into the system to add coolant capacity. Changed the water feed for the turbo to the drivers head.


Resently did a total reseal of the engine (and tune up) including new thermostat. The engine still wants to climb up uncomfortable in temperature while climbing a hill that leads to work.

Am running straight water at this point. Cut in a hood scoop on an extra hood. Channels air through the hood to a box and some sheet metal that directs it to go down across the turbo and out.

Still runs hot.


Have a direct read guage for the heat, even checked it with another one. It is reading correct.


Someone stole the distrubutor and the maf out of this before we got in and they replaced it with one labled for an 86.

Checked those and they are the correct ones....



Got a dealer thermostat.

Did This and it didn't help. Was running a 165 Thermostat and it got upto 210+.... Changed to a dealer 185 and it still gets up to 210+

Check the vacuum to the egr at speed.

Rechecked the timing and for vacuum leaks.

Maybe pull the cooland bypass channel off of the back of the intake manifold and clean it.

This intake is the same as was on the original, so I'm thinking that there has to be something wrong with it, or a component on it.


Is there anything else that I'm missing??

This is really pissing me off.


Double checked the timing.

Did a complete backflush on the cooling system then pulled the radiator out to test the flow. Both the radiator and the rest of the cooling system through the engine flow at a rate greater than my hose will put out.... >3gal/min.

Changed the oxygen sensor.

Did a test run up the mountain with a volt/ohm guage attached to the o2 sensor and it shows that the engine is running on the rich side during boost.

Took the thermostat completely out of the system to test if that changes anything.... But ran out of daylight before I could run a test drive.

I did work as a mechanic for about 6 years and was the one called upon in the shop when there was something that someone else couldn't figure out so I'm not new at this, just looking for new ideas.


Thanks for whatever input you might give.



Thanks to all who put anythought into this one

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Follow up:


Without the thermostat the car runs at about 5 degrees less than with a aftermarket 165

Runs 10 degrees less than with the oem thermostat.

Still gets to 230 before I get 2 miles up the mountain. (seven miles long)

This is all at 83 degrees outside temp.


Still looking for any other thoughts.



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It is a twin core radiator that we got 2 years ago.


I have an extra radiator from a gl wagon that has the auto tran cooler part that I'm gonna throw in there to see if it makes any difference.



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