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For parting out - 1985 Subaru GL Wagon Hatchback

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Have a truly super deal for someone who truly needs parts for a 1985

Subaru GL Wagon Hatchback. Not a road worthy vehicle due to engine oil

leaks that can't be fixed. New parts put on before finding out about oil

leaks that could not be fixed. It's a 4 speed standard transmission with 5th

gear over drive. Transmission is excellent. Almost new tires. But, body

is not in good shape. It did make it from Western N.C. to S.E. Alabama

in Spring 2003. Selling for $50.00, for parts only. Cannot let title go with it

because there are dishonest people in this world and I want to prevent a

buyer from trying to re-sell it as a road worthy vehicle, when it's not.

Some people will take advantage of people to try to make a few bucks and I

wouldn't want a buyer coming back at me with legal hassles, claiming I sold

them a road worthy vehicle or someone else buyig it from them and then coming

back at me with a legal and moral issue. Right now it's sitting in my yard but

could just as well sit in someone else's yard who really needed it to replace

parts for another older Subaru. I also know that parts for older cars are very

hard to find. I'm just trying to do someone a favor. And, I think it's very

unfair for auto salvage yards to charge the high prices they do for parts needed on older vehicles. Whoever bought it, would be responsible for

transporting it to where ever it was to go. I live in Southeast Alabama,

not too far from Dothan. Arrangements could be made for perhaps a "chain"

of transport people to get it to its destination, if the distance is great.

I'm open to suggestions and willing to work transporting problems out.

If anyone is interested or passes the info through this Subaru "grapevine",

I can also be contacted at: porteranim@Access4Less.net. It has too many

good, usuable parts to just be "junked." And, since it is an older model

Subaru , someone, somewhere REALLY needs that car! Thank you.


Edith Porter

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Do you any other Subaru's? Dothan AL


considering the original post was 6 YEARS ago, and the person who posted it has not logged in since. probably not.

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