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Took her out on the freeway....WOW

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Took a trip up to Tucson today. Ran her flat out a few times, 95 easily! Most of the time I was just using the primary, just used the secondary when I need to accelerate quickly. Didn't use 4th at all; 5th gear the whole way! Happy RPM range is 3k to about 4.5k. Well, with the exhaust and carby setup I have at this point. Running 14 deg timing and havn't heard one ping! I How far can I go? :brow: Vac at idle (750 RPM) is about 16Hg; up in Tucson, I saw 19!:slobber: This engine ROCKS!

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Advance is running off the port on the carby. Checked the mech. advance, that is working. Vac advance is operating also.

Tryied running the timing at 20 deg STILL no pinging! However, the tach started jumping a little at 20. So, I dropped it a little ( Don't know how much, didn't have the t-light attatched) and that solved that prob. Intristing, very intristing.

She is running rather rich, don't know if that makes any differance or not, just thought I'd let ya know. I did pick up some jets and hopfully will get those in today and see what that will do.

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