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TURBO JUSTY sighted?????

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My GOD Meeky....Hell must have frozen over and the sick must now be healed!!!! This would be the only explanation as to why you..A person who has TRASHED the Justy constantly in many a post on this forum would have anything to do with any kind of JUSTY project!!


Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that you and your buds are gonna do a turbo Justy..I'm kinda surprised that you guys are planning to use an ECVT equipped car. As I read in one of your posts, you stated that the ECVT was a POS and that you were glad they never put that "LUMP" in a Hatch!...By the way, Is your lifted hatch still "scoolin" SRT-4 Neons for the first 200 feet?? Oh, and is it still driving over Justys??? That 90 better watch it's back!!


OK..Meeky..Now that I've given you some well deserved "Ribbing" (Hope you have a sense of humor) I wish you and your friends the best of luck on the project. I just finished a 90 Justy 5 door 4WD with an ECVT trans. (Rebuilt engine) and it runs and drives great!! It's a fun car and someday, it too may get a turbo....It depends how your project turns out.


Good Luck!


me and a couple friends are going to be turboing a justy..

its a 90 mpfi with the ecvt 4wd (trans has under 20k on it and is perfect)


going to be using the turbo and parts off of a 93 mercury capri xr2.. i figure the turbo is samall enough because the merc is only a 1.6..


the justy already has a functional wrx hoodscoop on it too :lol:


we'll get pics once its done... the manifold is prolly gonna be the hardest part.. i'm thinking we might figure out how to use xt6 injectors as well..


i know it'll be the only one on the east coast :burnout:

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