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Weber plumbing discovery

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I was talking with GLCraigGT today in my garage about plumbing the vacuum lines on my BRAT when the engine goes back in. We got to talking about the single vacuum nipple on the base of weber carbs (DGEV and DFEV) and I said I had the base of my weber hooked up to the intake.


Well... turns out I more or less had 2 vac sources sucking on each other.


I was used to the old junky hitachi having tons of vac stuff that I kinda figured the weber needed vacuum for something... I didnt even think that it produced vacuum like the intake does.


Well my old setup was intake running the climate control, intake running the weber, and intake running the disty advance.


Now its replumbed as:


Intake running the climate control, vac plug, weber running the disty advance and another vac plug.


The idle before: 1100 RPM

The idle now: ~ 750-800 RPM


So the idle is finally normal now! It hasnt been normal for years!


The car seems to have a bit more power now, maybe its psychological, I dunno. I await to see if my gas mileage changes (as I keep meticulous records of that)

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more power can be expected since now the "ported" vacum spot ont he weber actually advances the disty like it hsould under acceleration


yeah yeah i know much arguin has been done about how the disty advance should work :)

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