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Differences between Legacy Turbo 5spd & N/A 5spd.

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I was thinking of getting a replacement legacy, and I keep finding a bunch of Auto's. I've found a buyer for my EJ22T if I decided to get rid of the Turbo Sedan, but I might be wanting to keep the 5spd if I do a swap. Would it be worth the effort of holding onto this Turbo 5spd? Or are the N/A 5spds the same?


Another reason I ask is cause I believe I found a buyer for the Turbo's 5spd as well, and have always wondered what the differences are anyhow.



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The turbo 5spds have 3.90 ratio, and the n/a 5spd have 4.111 ratio. The turbo 5spds also have a hydraulic type clutch with a pull style clutch vs. the n/a legacy that has a push style clutch that is cable operated.


The turbo's gears are supposed to be shot peened for added strength.

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