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Swapping Turbo output shafts into dual Range?

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I have all the parts now to switch my '87 turbo wagon over to dual range. Dual range 5 speed, matching rear, and the slightly lower splines axles all sitting in the garage.


Would it be possible to swap over the higher splined outputs from the turbo tranny to the dual range tranny? I would like to keep the stronger axles and I dont mind the time or effort.


Has anybody opened one of these units?



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So from what I get. The turbo shafts have a larger diameter and two extra splines except for a auto turbo shaft that has the lower spline count but the same diameter.


Were you able to split the shafts apart to build a good one?




Maybe I'll throw in what I have and If I have problems, I'll get the automatic turbo shafts as the splines will match up but have a little bit better strength.


I'll still take a look at the tranny though. Maybe its not that bad to do. I was hoping you could split the case and just swap out the output.

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lets seeeee. half shaft difference between the spline counts for "strength" is well........ technically an interesting dialogue - for sure.


I've done some serious towing with the D/R tranny in its original NA 86 wagon, and its seen near equal - dare i say its also seen harder driving as well in the turbo wagon i swapped it to.


Spline counts means "Stronger shafts"? Might be, but I have yet to see any realworld different in strengeht... now boot life is relative to the road/offroad hazzards and so you may be doing a warranty replacement of a halfshaft (like have done twice plus) sooooo.... its up to you.


BTW from my humble, yet simple bio and geocities site ...and even the galley of images i have on here.... you can see my GL-10 turbo wagon and her D/R setup..... BTW I have now had to substitute the XT6 FT4WD tranny for the D/R as grinding started to occur......


I have two D/R's and both have different internal problems... so I'm figuring on a rebuild from the two of all the best parts and wammo... ressurected D/R for the "Silver D/Ragon" :)




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Thanks for the thoughts. I'm planning on just using the axles that came with the dual range. It seems nobody has had a problem so it does not seem worth the effort. I'm about halfway through it now. I just sat the tranny on the ground. Might have it done in a few days around work and stuff.

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