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Big Tire fitment throughout the models/years

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Just curious if there is a spread sheet or table somewhere that shows the lift/fender modifications required for a certain tire size for the different models of Subies. I know there are lots of tire fitment posts on here but I haven't seen any that shows a general table.......


But the real question I have is: if I'm going to get a Subie with the plan of running large tires - Iis there a certain model that is easier to make large tires fit?


Hope that makes since.

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the ea82's like the 85-89 wagons you're thinking about have bigger opening that the older wagons.


one of the problems with cutting up into the rears of the older 80-84's is that you start getting into 2 layers. the outer skin, and the inner well. then you need to look at sealing that area up again.


not sure about the 85-89 style though.... I think to run 27/28's with a 3" lift on a ea82 is no cutting in the back, and very minimal trimmin in the front... at least that's what it looks like on the wagon I just got....

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