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I live on St. John in the US Virgin Islands. I moved down here and brought our 1997 Outback with us. From reading these posts it seems that I need a new Duty C Solenoid. Problem is that there is no Subaru dealer here anymore. This dealer still works on Subarus' and has offered to work on the car if I get the parts. I need a list of necessary parts to buy and if possible a source.



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here's the service procedure



As for parts. If it's just the duty c solenoid, then all you'll need is that and probably an o-ring.


Are you absolutely sure your problem is with the duty c solenoid? Have you tested it to make sure it's open/broken?


here's the testing procedure for the duty c solenoid



It's for the 2002 wrx, but the procedure and connectors are the same.

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