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Fuel pump leak '93 Loyale

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Hey all! New here, hope I can get some help from the Subbie wizards. My fuel pump is leaking ('93 Loyale). At the end of the pump (the end with the wires) there is a tube coming out, this tube goes to a little cylinder with a little rubber thing sticking out of the pump and gas is leaking out of it when the car is running. The rubber thing looks like some sort of pressure relief valve. If you have the Haynes 1600&1800 repair manual it is Figure 3-15 in Chapter 4A and located where the drawing says "Harness connector" (very left end of fuel pump). When I push the rubber thing some gas squirts out, and it drips when the car is running. What is this thing - is it another fuel damper? I read other posts about removing the damper and replacing it with tubing, but this is not connected like the damper further up the line. Thanks for any help I can get.



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Here is some info on a replacement pump. If you can I would recomend a junkyard replacement for cost sake. Otherwise there is another economical solution for a brand new pump:


Originally Posted by archemitis

napa sells an inline pump for some ford truck for 35 bucks. 50 gph, with 90 psi

works on whatever you want

part #2p74028


its round, so you can use a coil bracket to mount it in the stock location, cheapest one i have been able to find.


Originally Posted by MorganM

Just picked one up today as mine wont turn on any more. They wanted $75 for #2p74028. Beats paying $255 list for the Subaru one! Can't seem to find any used ones :(

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Not sure if you are talking about the damper attached to the fuel pump itself or the damper four inches down the line. If the damper on the pump itself is leaking, replace the whole pump. Don't know about your '93 but for my '89 GL, I could spend $200 for oem fitting pump at autopartsgiant #E8059 or the Napa pump like previous post. I just installed the Napa pump P74028 in the stock location using two 2.5" stainless marine grade hose clamps plus the stock rubber shock mount (hammered to fit), I had to put it in backwards cuz the brass outlet tube is long and not right-angle. The bad about the backwards thing is that now you'll have a lot of hose running to and fro that can rub and wear if not protected. The Napa pump is 2" diameter. If you go Napa, you'll also need some kind of fitting to adapt. I used a 1/2" to 3/8" hosebarb NPT fitting, 57001-0806 and 57002-0606 at cornerhardware.com to go from the fuel tank hose to the 5/16" inlet on the new pump. Use fuel-rated pipe dope on the brass NPT threads, plus marine clamps. I used more flexible 50psi 5/16" line for the inlet since the Napa EFI 5/16" line that I used was so tight it wouldn't go past the third 3/8" barb.


If just the damper is leaking its $40 at subaruparts.com or go to the junkyard and pull a damper from the engine compartment after the fuel filter, plus one for spare.


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