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geoff drake

84 GL Carburetor Saga

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Hi all,

I have been missing since I repaired the heater core with the help of someone here who had an EA-81 Heater Core swap tutorial...worked great, thanks again!


My most recent problem was the carburetor, which two mechanics, and several parts stores informed me was a Hitachi 2bbl. (Keep in mind, I only get under the hood when I absolutely have too, so I figured they knew what they talking about).


The carb was sucking air like a Hoover, and eventually the car just wouldn't go, so I located, and purchased a renew kit. When I pulled the carb myself (because my mechanic didn't seem too keen on fooling with a carburetor), to my surprise, it was a Carter/Weber 1bbl.


After some frantic internet and yellow page shopping, I located the Weber in Jacksonville, FL. at National Carburetors for $149.95!!! (they are having a $50 off any carb sale to celebrate 50 years of business) This is about half what other rebuilders had quoted, and LESS than half of what a local shop had quoted me. Good service, and it fired right up. The prices I was getting for the Weber rebuild kit were $150-$160, so this was a screaming good deal to me, and the sale is through the end of the month.


I still have this renew kit for the Hitachi 2BBL. It is by Holley, (#3-1357) brand new in the box, and available for any resonable offer, since it's of no use to me. Apparently there is no float with this kit, but lists 216-92 as the companion float #. Box also says it's for 82-84 Subaru.


I had trouble logging into USMB, and so you guys are only getting the postcript, but it all worked out.


Thanks for the read,


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