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Hey all i am in need of new suspension on my loyale and once agian i dont want to go back to stock, struts and coil overs. But i have no idea what after market suspension will fit on a loyale. i want something that can handle a lot of bumps gravels roads and dirt trails any help is much helpful.




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the only thing that will bolt right on that is aftermarket and handle what you want is....well, nothing really....KYB GR2's are great, but the fronts only come for the 2WD, so the struts are shorter than the 4WD considerably...you will loose front end ground clearance.


Go with the stock RX units. They are more than 2X stiffer than the stock non-RX items, and have 4WD ground clearence. If you can, find the RX front springs and 4WD wagon rear springs to put on the RX struts. That will give you a nice ride and just a tad (1/2 inch at MOST) over stock 4WD ground clearance.


Here is the SUBARU Part numbers for the R/L front struts for RX:

21520GA510 (RF)

21520GA520 (LF)


And the rears...get TWO of this P/N:

21007GA771 (3 door coupe)


21022GA752 (4D sedan)

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really, the only other option is to go custom. For Koni fully adjustable height coilovers, separately adjustable bound and rebound is around $2,500.


Or...do the 5 lug conversion and buy the new legacy GT coil overs and thats 3k+ total invested....

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