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FS: 90 Loyale in MA, lots of new parts!

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Got another project that needs my garage space, attention, and, of course, money :)


Just bought it a few weeks ago. 192k miles, 5 speed, s/r 4WD, wagon, red/maroon in color, near perfect grey interior, manual windows/locks, roof rack.


Brand new: ignition coil, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, front pads and rotors, battery, axle-back muffler.


Just had rear diff flushed, front was fine.


Passed MA emissions inspection with flying colors.


Failed for rear tires (juuuust barely didn't make it) and an exhaust leak at the driver's side exhaust gasket to the engine. I went through the exhaust from front to back, sanded and painted the pipes, replaced the muffler, all of the gaskets, and replaced three of the four studs that hold the y pipe to the block. One is stripped - it will need to be filled with aluminum and retapped. I've had estimates of anywhere between 50-100. Other than that the exhaust is perfect.


Quirks: It runs a little warm after driving for over 30 minutes on the highway. It has NEVER overheated, just run around 75-80% of the gauge. Turning on the defroster puts it right back to the middle. My guess is a clog in the radiator. Needs a slight alignment, pulls to the left. The dash clock dims erratically. Every once in a while it grinds slightly while going into third or reverse...works perfectly fine though. Can't seem to get the driver's door to lock by key or by the latch inside. Can't get the key in the tailgate lock. Driver's side fender needs to be (or at least should be) replaced; rust has gotten the better of it, but duct tape has given it new life to get through inspection. This also applies to the passenger rear quarter at the rear of the wheel well, though much less severe. Light surface rust around the windshield.


Gotta go soon. Call me on my cell at 617-306-8780 if you're interested or have questions. Thanks!

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