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Long story short...

2 days ago I started my car (cold morning) and 10 or 20 seconds later I shut it off.

5 seconds later I turned the key (from ign to start) and it started and immediatly died.

I then turned key to off, back to start and it again started and immediatly died.

I did this again with same results.

I started it again only tapped the gas pedal once as it started. It revved up to about 2k and dropped to a low idle (for cold.. probably 800rpm).

I stopped 30 miles down the road for gas and it started back up just fine.

2 days later and it has not repeated the problem.


So my questions:

Has anyone seen this before?

Did I fool the computer into thinking it was no longer cold by shutting it off and starting it back up? (Thus nothing to worry about)

Does anyone think it's a bad coil?


If you care why I did this... My right wing, gun owing, knuckle dragging, Bush supporting AM radio stations are not coming in very well anymore. I wanted to see if it was noise from the engine causing the problem... thinking it's a bad coil or other electroinics.

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My 2003 Outback has done this before, sounds like exactly the same thing. I don't think anything is wrong with the car. I enjoy hunting and collecting old rifles but please don't group me with the people that voted for Bush. I think single issue voting is ridiculous and the bad FAR outweighed any good. By the way, I think my son will be on his way to Iraq in March. Too bad Bush lied too us to get us in a war! Listen to FM music channels on your radio, it is much less frustrating in these times!

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Thanks for the reply.


Tell your son good luck and GOD BLESS from me. If he wants to find a couple thousand boys and girls that like himself to talk to, question, etc. tell him to check out the general discussion forum on www.ar15.com. He'll probably get 50 to 100 positive replies if he justs posts once with a simple "looking at Iraq deployment in March, talk to me" or something like that.



Please don't take this as me starting a fight, but Bush did not lie to any of us. He has not been forth coming on admitting we had some bad intel, but right now (and in the end) we did a good thing. Don't fall into believing Fahrencrap 9/11. If you have watched it you should also watch Fahrenhype 9/11 to see where all the lies are. If you total all our soldiers plus all the Iraqi civilians that have died since this war started they still don't equal the number of innocent civilians Sadam, his sons, and his police would have killed in that same time frame. Watch how the news is going to change now that the election is over. I have a friend that went and fought, and know a few others that are also back now. All of them have told me it's roughly 90/10... 90% of the people are happy as hell we are there, hugging, kissing, praying, thanking, our troops. 10% either ignore or give dirty looks to troops. Not to say it's easy, it's still war, but just like after WWII some left over former Nazis didn't like the idea of Democracy and formed groups of gorilla fighters resisting, hoping to overthrow the new government.

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Sounds like it may have got mildly flooded. When cold, the ECU ups the mixture considerably, the logic being that as temperatures of the engine and intake charge are low, fuel does not atomize as well as in steady-state (warm) conditions. To compensate, and get enough to atomize, the mixture is very rich.


Stopping it after just a few seconds means that the excess fuel had time to settle and enter the stopped cylinders. Now when you try to start, it won't easily, that is, it fires and dies. Flooded.


Tapping the gas pedal and having it start supports the flooded theory. The extra air helps get the mixture leaned out and now, the engine is happy again. Of course, once warmed up, she'll start easily.


That's my $.02 on this.




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