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Newbie needs so serious help!!!!

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First I want to thank you for the advice and for reading this thread. I really appreciate it.


OK This weekend I have replaced the following on my new Subaru XT :) , its not new, well to be honest the paint job sucks and the interior needs an overhauling, and the engine has 212,8XX miles on it :-\ .


Anyway I replace the following:


1. Valve Cover Gaskets and grommets

2. Front Disk Brakes

3. Serpintine Belt

4. Spark Plugs and Wires (rotor and distributor cap will be here tomorrow)

5. Changed the oil and put 20w-50 in it with a bottle of STP


And here are the problems I am still having and need advice on:


1. The Hill Holder Clutch . . . I hate the thing :banghead: , I know its a neat feature, but man I hate it, it won't disengage, so either please tell me how to how to adjust it, or tell me how to disconnect it.


2. I replaced the valve cover gaskets hoping it would stop the engine from smoking. See i know oil somehow gets onto the exhaust pipes and then smokes like crazy after you turn the car off. I think it is the oil pan gasket now looking at it more closely, so my question, how difficult is that to change the oil pan gasket.


3. I bought new spark plugs, and well I do not have the Subaru XT repair manual, so i just put the spark plugs in to drive the car home, so if you know the gap, it would be highly appreciated :grin: .


4. What should the oil pressure gauge read at idle???? sometimes mine is right around 40 and then other times its at like 15 :eek:.


5. The Seat Belt on my side door is broken the way it slides, it looks like the cable came undone, how difficult is that to fix, I know the motor is good, I can hear it turning, its just the cable came off.


Thats all I can think of for now. Again I want to thank all for any help and advice you can offer. I really love my xt and can not wait to get her running strong, and eating CIVICs :headbang:. Where i live, its like ricer centeral, and well even though the XT is still not running the best, I killed a civic today going to 55 mph at this stop light in my home town, I mean i owned this guy in a 87 Subura XT that looks not too good and is not running the best, and it has 213,XXX miles. I love this car :D . Thanks again

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1. The adjustment is located on the clutch fork. Actually there are 2 adjustments in that location. The upper is your clutch cable the lower is the hill holder. Loosen the hill holder cable a few turns then see if you like it.


2. Well this is a problem with the EA82 engine, the leak oil everywhere. The main problem points are the: camtower o-rings, cam seals, oil pump seal and o-ring, and even the head gaskets even leak oil. Some long time subaru mechanics I know joke about how some of them even leaked on the showroom floor.


3. I hope you bought NKG spark plugs, the gap is 1mm - 1.1mm or .039in - .043in


4. oil pressure tends to be all over the place depending on the engine temp, outside temp, and how well the sending unit / guage are working that day.


5. Well the way those are designed, the cabe can brake but not really come off. At the bottom of the piller there should be a place to access the manual actuator. There maybe a plastic plug in the trim that covers the hole. You can use an allen wrench to turn the pully for the cable. If that dosen't move the cable then you're pretty much SOL and are looking at getting a new auto seatbelt assembly. They are not cheap and are a pain to replace.

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