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Hi -


New to the site - I searched some the posts (you've put together a really nice site with great info) but didn't find the answer I was looking for...


Was flipping thru my 1992 Legacy owner's manual - looking for any specifications regarding the factory roof rack load. Of course, I didn't find anything...


We have a Turkey-day road-trip coming up - 2 human travelers, 2 large dogs (one in the back seat, one in the cargo area) - not much room for luggage. I am hoping to rig my Thule 'Classic Box' (model 601) to the top of our 1992 Legacy Wagon; I want to make sure it can handle the load.


Any thoughts and experiences would be appreciated!




'92 Legacy Wagon

'97 Saab 900S

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Thanks all!


Managed to squeeze the Thule box (Adventurer?) around those wide cross-bars. Filled it to the brim with food, beer, wine, and luggage for the 4-day weekend. It worked well...


Going over some larger bumps (frost heaves and railroad tracks) would cause the box to rock enough for something (I suspect the brackets) to hit the roof. The I-25 winds up to Wyoming definitely threatened to push us around a bit. But my worst fears of distributing our 'goods' along the highway weren't realized!


Tough drive on the way home - saw approx. 2 dozen cars off the highway from Sheridan to Boulder - of course, the (FWD - Artic Alpins) Subaru held on tight.

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I think companies use these rating numbers for a reason. Safety perhaps. Sure you could put a a motorcycle on your roof but I wouldn't reccomend it. Come on people..use your brains! Don't overfill the fluids, over torque bolts, overfill tires...and overload your roof racks or trailer hitches. Do it for safetys sake!

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