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What can I put on a stock baja that will be more Truck like????


no lift or mods..



BFGoodrich All Terrains would make it look better. Good traction, but still good road tires. They look kinda tough, and even cooler, have white lettering if you want. :)


Les Schwabb has some Toyos that will fix it up a little too. Here's a photo of my buddy's Baha Turbo.

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Look at the stock tires on your Baha then go to http://www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html find the overall diameter of your tire. and play with it till you find other tires that will fit.. you can do it at http://tirerack.com also but it takes a bit more effort.. to get the correct diameter for your car you may have to go with a 15 inch wheel.

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