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Retroing Subaru center caps to other wheels

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This mod was done to mount Subaru center caps

on Peugeot 15" alloys. The center caps were from

EA82 wheels.


I believe other caps will fit and other wheels (Enkei's) can use this

adaptation. Simply hold a center cap over the opening to

check fit, if it covers the opening you are good to go.


These center caps are made from stainless steel, therefore

you can "stud weld" a stud to them.


Most good body shops and sign shops have stud welding equipment.


I used 10-24 x 0.75" SS studs welded to the inside center of the cap.


This afforded a place to fasten an aluminum "wing nut" of sorts.


I used cardboard to make a template of the wing shape. It should just about

span the opening of the wheel (wedging on the inside lip of the wheel opening)

and have a flat in the center.


I band sawed 0.090 Al plate for the wing and break formed it

to fit my template. (obviously you will need four of these)


I then drilled a clearance hole for the 10-24 stud in the center of this flat.


Hold center cap centered over hole, bend tabs as necessary to achieve

centering. Place wing on stud and secure with nut and lock washer.


I also use a small dollop of silicon sealer on the nut/threads to act as lock tight.


These have been on for well over 6 months and have never worked loose.


Please email me if you have any questions.


Tires are 225/50 R15"

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I wondered how you did that. I saw the centers when you posted the same pic in the lights post a little while back.



Good job!

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hmmmmmmm I have some good caps floating around and some gen 1, 4 hole alloys floating around........ I like your idea Skip!!! now I can replace the awful centercaps on those things cause they aren't the original caps!

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