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Outside Temp Probe installed in Intake

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I posted this at the XT6.net board but thought some here may be interested in something like this as well. I'm sure the XT6s aren't the only scoobies that have the trip computer installed that displays the outside temperature. Well, I took the probe and installed it into the intake so I can monitor the air intake temperature. Here's what I posted....


"Hey All,


I located the outside temperature probe that displays the outside temperature in our (XT6s) trip computer. I wanted to somehow install it into the intake so I can monitor the air intake temperature. I plan on doing this on both of my XT6s so we can compare how a cold air intake is vs one that is sucking air in from the engine bay.

I took some pictures so that if those that are not familiar with where the temp probe is, they locate it and try this for themselves. This could be a good experiment to see just how cool the snorkus works, especially one routed to the passenger side headlight.



Pic# 1 is of the probe itself. It's located just above the power steering pump(On XT6s) near the firewall. It's the blue wire that ends in a black plastic tip. It has one bolt holding it down (8mm I believe).






Pic#2 is with the one screw removed from the firewall part. It's hard to see but there is another tiny screw that needs a philips screwdriver to remove it. It is what holds the plastic piece to where the blue wire comes into the black probe part.





Pic #3 is with the probe in the intake. I wanted to use a rubber vacuum hose and metal clamps but I didn't have a rubber hose big enough to house the blue wire and the plastic piece. Duct tape is always nice. It's far enough into the intake where half of the probe is in the path of the air rushing in. The other half is in the vacuum nipple part but there is room around the probe itself in there so air can circulate around it.






I'm not concerned with the probe piece being sucked off into the intake as it seems pretty secure. Should be interesting to see just how cold/cool the air is coming in.


I'm sure some of you have tried this on other Subbies with the trip computer but I was looking and didn't see any info posted on this, so I posted up.


Any thoughts?

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Dude I have been wanting to do that for the longest time!!! Cool that someone finally used this really cool feature for something that can really be informative. Lets see outside temp, put hand to window, ya it is cold, there is your thermometer, now put one on the intake yea!!!! Awsome post and let us know how it works.


I was thinking about putting one inside my IC at the outlet side. In the FSM it states it has a range of -22 to 176 deg F I think that would be perfect for downstream IC temp probe, upstream I don't know I think it would excede that range. Totally let us know how it goes.

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