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Now HERE'S a transplant project for you NWP crazies!

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A VW Thing, sans engine in Spokane ... just picture it guyz.




You figger out how to build this, and I'll buy it from you when it's done. This would be my perfect retire to Molokai car.


That's if you could let it go! Nyuck, nyuck,nyuck.

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i think that would be friggen awsome. man, ive been thinking about kool project VW cars, and ej22s, but i never thought of the "thing."


id drive it!

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I would loved to do it with that one Mudrat. Cheap, local, looked OK. We've decided to not return to Hawaii, so an island project is off for four or five years. We sold our condo, and bought the kids houses, on in Honolulu, one in LA ... OUCH!



But have no fear, one of these days I'll be ringing your bell to make my retire-to-Molokai kah. Still 'really' need a plastic body tho, damn tropiccal cancer. But, I've always wanted a Thing, an a Subaru powered one would be tres kewel. Someone will do it now, and we can learn from all the goofs.


Have a happy "The Potowatamies should'a let the pilgrims starve day!" (I'm an enrolled tribal member, nyuck, nyuck).

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