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It's a disease, I tell ya

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Seems like if you have an older Sube, you have more than one older Sube. Had to get another.




Yep, 2 1989 RX's.




The one up front was my RallyCross car and daily driver until the low oil pressure caught up with it (on it's third engine) and it died. Has been mostly motionless since February.


This is the "new" one.




The original has the dual range manual. This one has the fulltime 4wd auto - no dual range, no pushbuttons.


I bought it for the engine - it has 95k miles on the car, belonged to a little old lady until the mechanic bought it off of her when she thought it was dead. He put on a rebuilt turbo and a new alternator, and away it goes. Air blows cold and everything.


So now my dilemma - I intended to pull the motor and part out the rest, but the car seems to be in too good of a shape to do that to - from a rust perspective, it is better than my original car. However, it does have one major body issue - it got hit hard in the back:




Don't know if you can see the gap between the hatch and fender - the hatch is straight. The fender is not. Here's the wrinkle:




Also, you can't really see it in the pictures, but it has a pretty nice aftermarket sunroof that doesn't leak.


I dunno if the rest of the car is salvageable enough to try to let it all go together (with a rebuildable EA82T in it. Turned over in February and would hold an idel but had bad rod knock), or should I part it out.


Just looking for some thoughts here.


(I live in Northern VA so you don't have to look at my profile. That's right, an actual East Coast car!)

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Jay Hogan here. Had the green hatch at the rally.



If you would like to make a deal for parts or anything, I'm close and circling. In a most vulture like way.




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Jay -


You looking for anything in particular? Scott/Pipercub/subarubrat has dibs on the LSD if I pull it apart, we may be able to vulture it pretty completely between the 3 of us.

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