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Compass, Altimiter, Thermometer Gauge Pack?

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Anyone have one of these in there car? I put the Gauge Pack in the Forester and I'm disappointed with the thermometer readings.


Are your thermometer readings REAL SLOW to react to temp changes?

(by the way, Altimeter seems overly sensitive)


I can drive all the way to work with the thermometer heat sensor in side the car with the heater on (extra crispy setting) and it still never changes :confused:

I've had it in about a week and I've only seen it change two degrees while I'm driving?


However when I leave the car over night the sensor will eventually sence the temp and display the correct temp when I start the car in the morning. The problem is it will display that temp for most of the next day. It wil have changed a little by the time I'm ready to drive home.


Why is this so slow to react to temp changes? :confused:


I've checked to make sure it's pluged in properly, if it's not it displays an error message.




82 SubaruHummer--always the same temp inside as outside

01 Forester--displays the same temp inside as outside


****I'm not talking about the built in one in the inst cluster**** that works fine!

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Sweet, as a meteorological person, I work with thermometers all the time. Either the old fashioned mercurial read yourself ones, or electric ones. The electric ones read to 0.1 degree C (we scraped into the 20th century in 1976 and Metricated) and update every minute. There is something wrong with your setup, and it would seem to be electrical (very slow changes/updates). The only other thing which would give you these results are exposure: the sensor must be "exposed" properly, and not attached to a large metal or water-filled object.


I had, on another car, a simple, cheap outside temp guage with the sensor attached (with a sticky backing) to the grille near the intercooler. As I could readily check it by looking at it as I arrived at work and then glancing at the wall readout of actual air temp once inside the office, it was accurate to within 0.2 degrees C, similar to the tolerance of our own instruments! Obviously it would suffer from heatsoak if the car was moving slowly or parked (as I was in a constantly hot climate at the time 55 C wasn't unusual).


So if your temp gauge isn't reacting to temp changes, I'd suggest the actual sensor would be a good place to start looking, rather than the gauge itself.

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