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ground wire , automatic transmision to body.

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i had a problem with the automatic transmision , i took the governer out ,fix something, put it back with 3 new screw's, before i took it out all the 3 screw were half open, the screw were damage, i replace them with 3 new one's, close the governer with black silicon, put the new screw's and close it well.

before i did it , there were a wire that connect to the body ,and the other side to the governer screw. i moved this wire that is connecting now to the engine and the other side stay connected to the body, i did it because the old screw damage and this wire take place and the new screw won't close well with it . is it o.k. that the automatic transmision without a ground wire?

can i leave it this way , or it's critical and it's better to make a new wire and connect it again from the body to a place that i can hold it on the gear?


thank you all for your fast answer


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