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What are the early warning signs that indicate the head gasket should be replaced? Would like to perform preventative maintenance ...


I have a 1997 Impreza wagon, 2.2 L engine - Is it true that I have an "interfearing" engine? It seems that 1996/1997 was when the switch occurred from non-interfearing to interfearing (? - this conclusion based on reading threds); so how do I verify that I truly have an "interfearing" engine?


If the head gasket fails unexpectedly, is more ancillary damage done to an non-interfearing engine or an interfearing engine?


Please also see my additional post today regarding timing belts.

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interference. The timeing belt would be what you should worry about. You have an engine that is not rumored to have a head gasket problem so be thankful.

Do make sure your belt is changed at the proper interval.

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