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Help! 81 Subaru Idle problems!

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Hi all,

I have a 1981 Subaru with just over 222,000 miles running strong AFTER a few problems...

I got this car for free from a friend, who put around $3K into it, and I had to replace all the suspension parts (CV joints, bearings etc.) no biggie

I do recall that the car was having very VERY minor troubles with idleing at 1000 RPM roughly, so I just turned the idle up.

From then on the car started to have idle fluxuation, only + or - 200 RPM. A shop said I had a vacuume leak, and they turned the idle to 2000 RPM, and it started to idle from 1500-2200 RPM.

It failed DEQ/Inspection, so I had the carb. rebuilt professionally, the car passed DEQ, but ran rough at around 1000 RPM. And slowly the fluxuation of the Idle became bigger. The Idle Is susposed to be set between around 1200, and it idles between 0-2100 RPM, the car dies whenever it feels like.

At start up, I have to pump the gas fast because It seems to flood itself at startup, but after a small noise, the idle goes up, but I have to keep giving it gas...


When Accelatating from 2800-3400 RPM, the car has massive hesitation problems, giving it more gas helps, but takes a while to kick in. Very strangly, when going around right hand turns, the car never idles, I have to leave the car in gear. Left turns, the idle seems to go up...



The exhaust gives of a smell of burning when the car is having idle troubles. The cooling system is NOT leaking, although the coolant needs replacment. Distributor is new as of 20,000 miles ago, one shop says it needs replacment again


Any suggestions? This problem blew a large hole in the muffler, sounds nice, but will fail the DEQ for me again...If this is an easy fix, this car would def. give another 222,000 miles...


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