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1988 Subaru GL SW does good!!!

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Two weekends ago I went backcountry skiing up in the mountains near Snoqualmie pass. Drove way into the hinterland, stopped where the road was uneven (my tracks were the first tracks). Put on the ski’s (randonee) and got a few runs in. Need more snow. When I got back to the car I thought it would be better to got straight and then turn around rather then drive backwards till the road got wider. Well I made it about ¾ of the way across the uneven section when the whole car slid off the road. Three small birch trees stopped me and I wisely put on the chains. I had to dig out the car’s tires and under the car since snow was piled way up high. I also had to saw some of the tree branches to get to the front passenger tire. Another guy showed up in a Toyota Tacoma PU, he parked way back and brought me a shovel to help dig out the underside of my poor station wagon.

With chains on the front tires and in 1st gear 4X4 LOW I crawled back up to the road. I headed for a clearing and more level terrain to turn around.

Heading back I look up the road and see the Tacoma had tried to follow my tracks, he slid off the road right away and was rather precariously stuck, no trees between him and a ruined truck. I parked and ran over, we quickly tied the bumper off to a large rock. He had a come-along and we tried to use it to get him back up on the road. He kept spinning out, he could not lock the differential. One tire would break free and just spin and spin. He was getting nowhere, just kept getting closer to the edge. Well he finally slid off the road enough so I could pass on the uphill side. After I got by him I hooked him up to my bumper and towed him right back on the road.

Wish I had taken the XT6, I would have loved to have a picture of my XT6 towing a truck back onto the road. Dang-it!




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That is actually a really good story to read after a long day at work. I'm sure the guy in the toyota will never look at another old subaru the same way again. I'm also sure his thoughts changed alot from the first time he saw you to the time you were pulling him out...:lol: Go Subaru Power!

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