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Cam carrier o-rings from subaru

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i ordered XT6 coretco gasket sets for two friends in NZ and myself. the sets don't come with those clip on o-rings for the oil galleys between the cam carrier and the head. there are 3 on each side. 2 are round, 1 is oblong. (there are 4 on an EA82 4 cylinder).


Dealer wants 10.00 EACH for the oblong ones and 15.00 EACH for the smaller round ones. That would be $80.00 for one motor. Subaruparts.com isn't much cheaper (11.13 and 7.38 respectively).


Part Numbers: Round ones 13089AA000

Oblong ones 13090AA000


anyone have better sources or prices for these?

anyone know what these cost in NZ, can you down under guys hook me up with prices there?


anyone ever reuse the old ones? mine are newer because i have some from a Fel Pro kit that includes them, but i want to help my buds from NZ (they aren't on this board).



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