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EA82 Wiring (into bug kitcar)

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Putting an EA82(T) into a bug based speedster kit, only thing is I cant make any sense of the wiring harness and the diagrams I have are not clear enough, If anyone has a good diagram of the engine/sensors/ecu etc then I would be eternally graetful if I could have a scan/copy/web link etc.

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what year?


i have had alot of luck with just taking the wiring from the motor, to the computer. leave the rest where it unplugs. then you run power to the big red wire =] and find your computer switch wire.


there are alot of diagrams floating around here right now.

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I think its around 88/89 but cant be sure.


Do you mean constant power to red and then an ignt switch power to the switch?


trouble is with my stuff is that I got the ECU, sensors and wires in bits i.e. the loom has been cut etc. The engine mounted bits are intact but the rest in pieces. So ideally with a diagram I could follow the wires and make sure they connect to what they should do.


Someone has offered to scan a diagram on the 'older subs' page so hopefully it will be the one but if you have a link to a web page then I'd be most graetfull....or if you have a physical diagram for the righ year then again would be very thankful if you'd send a scan.

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