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??LPG instalation in Impreza WRX (combi)??

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Hi everyone :-)


Before going mad at me...plize... read all anda then after that reply at ever you want. ;)

First of all I want to say HI... I´m from Portugal , my Name is fLAVIO...and like you I like very much the Subaru car´s.

I love the WRX combi Black... I love it all...but...I is emotional..

not using the head..only the heart.

I make about 35K Km/year... of course that a Diesel Engine...was perfect for me (I have a Golf IV TDI 150bhp)... but I seriously thinking about the Impreza combi that I saw in a Track day here in Estoril near Lisbon.

since then... "she" can´t get out of my head.

so I was thinking ...since Subaru have some models Bi-fuel (LPG)

,..if there is a chance that I can instal GPL in the combi WRX (the costs of 1 liter is half price).

and for me the consumption of the WRX is excessively high.. even I read that the model 2003 is about 10 or 15% less greedy in fuel.

I though also putting a Fuel Saver like "prozone"... or something.

but the perfect solution was the LPG system installed...and safe for me to ride with it.


Does someone knows about something...or am I the only person...that dare to thinkabout the possibility of that modification.

even if that sound unbelievable...to you.

I´am trying to search a solution for me to get that Blackie Combi for me.

In the winter I go abouttwice a month snowboarding...and make at least 1500km in a week-end.

and for "cruising" its expensive... balancing with a Diesel engine..or LPG.


is there some things that I have to look for first? (plize not a Shrink...ehehheheheh ;))

or suggestion...


for teh cruising..LPG.... for the fun... Fuel and have the 225bhp all ready for me.


that´s all folks...

Now... I will wait for teh virtual slap´s... os this thread

take care

fLAVIO :cool:

(sorry for a so long text)

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Hey, Flavio! Welcome to the board. I have never seen an LPG conversion on one of these engines, but I suppose it could be done. The main obstacle is usually finding a tank that can be legally used inside of a vehicle, especially in a small enough size. (It is unlikely you will find one of a decent size to go under the car).

Have you looked into converting your TDI to Syncro/4-Motion?

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I think that the tank is the minor problem...

but... I don ´t know...

I was told that probably the worst problem... was the turbo ...

in some RPM... that with high pressure...could self inflamate... the gaz...


I would like to know... some installer that make LPG conversion in Turbo car´s.




here is the Italian Subaru site

that they have the 2.0 Impreza (no Turbo) Bi-fuel directly from the Subaru Factory...

but what I want is the WRX 2003.


about my Golf.... it´s not a 4 motion model...but I´m mod it to an R32 Look (outside/inside), and I don t know any one that convert a model... it will be very expensive... right?




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Hello Flavio!

I guess in Europe the best places to be for conversion to LPG are Holland and Belgium. Subaru allways was the best car for conversion to LPG and i have known al lot Sube's with over 500K Km. on LPG.

I'm a little older now and don't follow the latest evolutions any more but i know they are in constant developement and progress.

If i 'm well informed the average price for compleet installation (latest electronic controlled LPG injection system) is about 2000 euro.

If you want me to i'll send some adresses and/or contact persons.


My E mail is tolerance-1@skynet.be




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Flavio: not sure on the cost, or who to do it in Portugal, but it has been done lots of times by people here. I believe there are a few places in GB that do it regularly as well. Basically, it usually requires a new tranny, the rear diff, suspension, driveline, and fuel tank, as well as the floorpan from an AWD golf. Go to TDI message boards and post there about what you would like to do. These guys are pretty cool, one of them has his 1.9 TDI to over 200hp and close to 300lb/ft of torque!


PS: not trying to steer you away from Subarus at all, just trying to show you a possible alternative to buying a whole new vehicle and modifying it.

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hi guys :)

I´m helped more (much) than I expected... really.

I was a little bit affraid how do Scooby Lover´s reacted to my "Thread".


Tolerance... I will mail you today.

(I lived in Blegium when I was a kid... all primary school done there... but after my parent divorce ... I come with mom back to Portugal... my Father still in Belgium... he owns one of the Tonton Tapis (carpet and interior things for home) near Brussels (Drogenbos).



schhhhhh... ehehhehehe :)

my TDI is allready with 195bhp and almost 400 nm...


but...even so... I crushed with Impreza WRX (black) 2003



thnx again to you all

if you have some extra info for me let me know.


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