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I need help figuring out what I need to do with my power steering fluid pump and hoses. I have a leak that I think is from the upper hose connection that drips on the exhaust and freaks everyone out who are next to me at stoplights. I replaced the clamps (they were spring clamps and I put on screw clamps) It still leaks and now I think the upper hose has been cut by the clamp. Are they expensive hoses to replace? I am heading out on a 5000 mile trip and want to fix it before I go. Should I use psf stop leak? What should I tell my mechanic? Thanks!

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...by lifting up the front end of the car, on axle stands so its stable. Engine off, slowly swing the steering from one extreme to the other. Then do the same with the engine on. At the extremes there should be noticable hissing/whirring noise as the fluid recirculates.


Good luck!

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