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opinions on an EJ 18 swap vs. EJ22

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well over there the EJ serires D/R trannys are probably like a dime a dozen, so, maybe like $200 for the tranny and like 300 for shipping, sounds like an outrageous amount but its pretty close i bet. but it would be better to do a usmb group buy kinda thing, were 10 or 15 people with cash in hand go in to get 10 or 15 trannys. realistically its cheaper, but harder to find your same tranny here in the U.S. Or spend about the same amount and get yourself the adapter kit.





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I'd have to be something other than a full time college student to afford that :rolleyes:

I do think it would be a good idea for USMB to go in together on it if there is enough interest in it.

Are there any D/R EJ trannies in Canada?? Save on shipping :brow:

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