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Drive axle - boot joint? '86 1,8 4WD

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I own a Subaru -'86 1,8 GL 4WD, with 370.000km on the meter.

(about 230.000 miles) Still runs like a dream, and it looks good as well :)


I have replaced the brakes and rear shock absorbers, plus the entire exhaust system.


Anyway, I am a complete newbie when dealing with things such as drive axles, boot joints etc.

being Norwegian, I'm not all that good when it comes to tech terms in English :)


So, my questions are:


Boot - is that the rubber cover over the drive axle joints? Yes/No? :)


Mine is broken on the outer left hand side, and needs to be replaced.


If this is right.. forgive me if I am mistaken: how does one replace the boot on an old Leone? Or even better, the drive axle?


I've searched everywhere for info on how to do this, but I'm still blank, so if anyone has a guide or description of how to do this, I'd be very grateful!


Also, I wonder if the drive axles are.. how shall I say this.. 'loose' so they can be knocked out of the hub(?), or do are they fastened in any way that I should know of before attempting to destroy my car? hehe


Hoping for some clarifying answers :)

best regards,


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Guest subu luvr

boot, yes



axel IS "loose" in the hub, remove the nut, hit it with a hammer

and its free........



after you've done a few, you can replace an axel in about 20 minutes..


loosen the axel nut, then the lug nuts.

jack up the car, use stands

remove the ball joint nut

use pickle fork to break ball joint

drive pin out of inner joint

and wrestle the axel out




IRC Undernet #lemon

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Thanks a million for your quick and understandable answer :))


The only thing I'm wondering about now is:



I know what a pickle is, and what a fork is.. hehe, but what kind of tool is a pickle fork?




EDIT: I've found out :) Thanks again :))

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