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I now have the two subarus (96 & 99 OBW)... I am (& surely will be) looking for some minor parts (cargo cover, seat lock pull(?), maybe a door, wheels...& on.)

Where do you all try for parts... most "recycling" yards are now boutiques... used sometimes costing more than new (sortalike Ebay) THANKS.



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www.nasioc.com has a very good classified section, unfortunately it's mainly geared towards Imprezas but sometimes you can find things for Legacies and Outbacks there.


I have purchased the following from people at nasioc: set of WRX wheels / tires, fog lamp relay, fog lamp switch, a wiring harness for map lights, map light assembly. No real problems with any transactions, most people there are great.


You know there's a classifieds section here on USMB too, right? :)



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