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lack of power in my EA81

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After changing the thrust bearing my car lost power (well i think it was after then, I've been forgeting so much latly :-\ ).

I have an 89 EA81 Brumby/Brat with Twin Webbers, Ground Cam, Bigger Better Valves. When I got it, a couple of weeks back I got all 4 wheels spinning on the dirt. Now when I try it just takes off. I also found its just so sluggish, goes about as well as my bothers 350,000KM 2L stock ford telstar that I rolled a few months back.

I've checked the carbies fuel jets, they are both working. I checked the sparke plug leads, seems fine. I checked the timming, was out, but after adjustment, it didn't go any better. What can I do next?


Also the ute has an Leone dash (for the tacho many, I think.) the voltmeter reads about 11.5V's most of the time, the tempmeter doesn't move unless I rev the engine alot, the oilpresure meter does the same as the tempmeter and the speedo reads higher then I'm going, which isn't too bad as I'm putting bigger tyres on it for offroad so it might get back in to the right speed. What can I do the fix the gadges reading low expet the speedo?

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Check for vacuum leaks, and check the vacuum and centrifugal advance on the distributer.

Does the engine lack power over the entire rev range, or just some of it?

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All of it. vacuum and centrifugal advance seems ok on the distributer. But not 100% sure, I will check that out next.


All of the rev range.

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