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My 2000 Legacy GT wagon's alarm no longer works. The red blinking alarm LED in the instrument panel stays on always now when the ignition key is removed or when the key is inserted and turned to the first notch. Rather than blink on, off, on, off, on, off, as was normal, the LED now blinks twice, pauses, blinks twice, pauses, etc (blink, blink, pause, pause, blink, blink, pause, pause, etc. It stops blinking only when the key is turned to the second notch or the engine is started.

When I use the remote to lock or unlock the doors, the car's front and rear lights don't flash as they did when the alarm was working.

I tried reprogramming the alarm as per the instructions in the owner's manual, but no luck.

Does anyone know how I can fix the problem?

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Give this a try

hit the disarm button , open the drivers door ,then hold the disarm button down for a few seconds . Now see if the light has stopped flashing . If it has then it was in VALET mode . If not then there maybe a problem




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