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a sad moment for me

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I am thinking about moving on from my hatch and EA81s, it’s been bugging me for a long while now and I think I've finely decided to do it. It needs a lot of work to be what I wanted it to be, and with both of my RX's need about the same; I won't have time/money for it as well. So I'm prolly going to start collecting parts to put in back in stock shape (I am pretty sure I just need the front bumper) but that will come a little later on this month. Just wanted to share this somebody (people?) who would care.






(mods if this is too off topic for you I'm sorry and you can move it)

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Funny kid,but I'm trying to do the same thing.I' hoping to sell the '84 wagon and maybe the Brat too.Get my '87 Turbo wagon back in action and make that a keeper since it's from the southwest,no rust.


Don't worry,we'll regret it someday.hahaha

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